8 Scenic Coastal Drives To Drive On

Published on 04/08/2021

Long drives are a cure for boredom, anxiety, and it is most needed when you are upset. But there are some drives that are so out of the world that you have to try as soon as possible. We are listing some of them below but there are so many more.

8 Scenic Coastal Drives To Drive On

8 Scenic Coastal Drives To Drive On

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway, Europe

This 8.3 kms long road looks like an awesome roller coaster ride filled with scenic beauty. It consists of 8 bridges and it connects a number of islands. You get to ride up and down the road with the ocean all around you. It is not just a cultural heritage but also has been declared as the world’s best road trip. It is the most popular place to make automotive commercials.

75 Mile Beach, Queensland, Australia

A sand highway that, as the name suggests, is 75 miles long and the view is to die for! There are other attractions that you can enjoy after your coastal drive – like the champagne pool and Maheno shipwreck. Although the water is very tempting, do not go into the water as it is full of sharks.

Tsunoshima Bridge, Yamaguchi, Japan, Asia

This bridge is a popular bridge for an ocean drive as it is built on top of the beautiful cobalt sea. For a romantic day, drive along this beautiful road and then make a stop in Amagase park. You will be able to see the entire bridge in its glory as well as enjoy a beautiful sunset.

ER101 Antiga, Portugal, Europe

For a dangerous and adventurous ride we have Estrada Regional 101 Road (ER101). The car ride along this road will consist of dramatic curves along the coastline, steep climbs and descents, and a free car wash. It will be a slow car ride but the scenic beauty on the road will be worth it.

ER101 Antiga Portugal Europe

ER101 Antiga Portugal Europe

Slea Head Drive, Ireland, Europe

This road, also known as the R559, is located on the westernmost edge of Ireland. This is why you will be able to see a variety of ancient sites, stunning views, cozy villages, and a large number of attractions. A car ride on this road can even lead to a few days of a road trip if you intend to make the most of it.

Sea-to-Sky Highway Route, Canada, North America

Also called the Fraser Delta Thruway and British Columbia Highway 99, this highway is a legendary route that connects Vancouver to Whistler. If you are a person who thinks destination is the point of life then this car ride will prove that the fun is in the journey. The drive is filled with fun stops, cultural points of interest, historic sites and much more. You need to stop at the Britannia Mine Museum at Britannia Beach to learn more about gold panning, among other things.

Amalfi Drive, Italy, Europe

For an unforgettable drive and beautiful memories, go for a car ride on Amalfi drive on the Amalfi coast. It’s one of the most popular and romantic spots in Italy. It has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it has so much of culture to offer. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea, beautiful beaches, and a car ride where you will be white-knuckled throughout the journey.

D512 Road, Croatia, Europe

D512 Road is definitely one of the best coastal drives in the world because of its narrow, winding road and alluring views of bright blue waters and luxuriant forests. However, it is also one of the dangerous roads in Croatia so if you are driving a two-wheeler, be sure to wear the safety gears and go slow.