What Should You Know About The FIFA World Cup 2022?

Published on 07/27/2022

FIFA World cup is one of the most eagerly awaited and keenly followed sports events worldwide. FIFA World Cup can be summarized as 22 men chasing a ball for 90 minutes to win the cup. After the last world cup in 2018, where the French one, the world’s love, football is back again with its most significant event. Here are the things that you must know about this upcoming festival (FIFA World Cup is nothing less than a whole festival for all football lovers) –

What Should You Know About The FIFA World Cup 2022

What Should You Know About The FIFA World Cup 2022

Official Information About FIFA World Cup 2022

1. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in December this year in Qatar from 21st November to 18th December 2022.
2. The remarkable fact about the World cup is that it is the first time an Arab country is hosting a FIFA World Cup and 2nd in an Asian country.
3. Qatar is seen to have spent around $200 million on the infrastructure of this event, making this year’s FIFA World Cup the most expensive in its history.
4. The first match will be played in Al Thumama Stadium, Doha, between Senegal and the Netherlands.
5. The finals of this match will be held on 18th December 2022, Qatar National Day.
6. Since the temperature of Qatar is very high during the daytime, even during the winter, it has been decided that all the stadiums will be centralized and air-conditioned.
7. Since most of the population has a cultural environment of no alcohol consumption, the World Cup and the Government of Qatar organizing committees have concluded that both the fan fests and the hotels are ‘tourist zones’ that will limit the socio-cultural shock.
8. During the 30 days of the World Cup, Qatar is expected to receive around 1300 flights daily at the Hamad International Airport.
9. The host countries use about 10 to 12 stadiums during the World Cup. It was in 1978 when Argentina used six stadiums for the World Cup.
10. Qatar is expected to have around eight stadiums since 1978 for the World Cup.
11. The organizing committee has made sure that all the stadiums are well accessible, which is why all the stadiums have less than an hour’s travel time from one another.
12. Five of the eight stadiums are accessible via the Doha Metro.
13. The FIFA World Cup has gained so much popularity that it has been decided that from 2026, the World Cup will add more than 16 teams to a total of 48 units.

Controversies Related To FIFA World Cup, 2022

1. The workers hired to build the infrastructure were not treated well.
2. Reports have clearly stated that there was ‘severe exploitation of workers.
3. Since Qatar’s legal system is based on Sharia, drinking in public is banned, and only certain businesses will be permitted to sell alcohol.
4. After the war between Russia and Ukraine, FIFA imposed several sanctions on Russia, restricting its participation of Russia in international football.
5. While FIFA boycotted Russia for its military reasons, it was pointed out that FIFA took no action to boycott Saudi Arabia for its military intervention in Yemen, Qatar for its human rights violations, and the United States for the actions of its military during the Iraq war.

Controversies Related To FIFA World Cup 2022

Controversies Related To FIFA World Cup 2022


You can watch it on the official website of FIFA for those who cannot head over to Qatar to witness the match. It will also be aired on History, TV18 HD, and Voot. Moreover, for all the football fans out there looking forward to cheering from the stadiums, it is your time now.