Best Exercises for Home Workout

Published on 06/23/2021

Most of us have been affected by the pandemic due to it reoccurring first and second wave globally. The mental and physical stress has been immense during this period of quarantine. To avoid the ill effects of being home-bound keeps both your psychological and physical health in check by exercising regularly. It is a universal statement made by the wise, i.e., adheres to the same basics for beginners and expert individuals. There are numerous changes to the following exercises, which may be changed to make bodyweight use more accessible or challenging. Exercise should be a mandatory part of everyone’s life to keep the mind and the body healthy. Some of them are-

Best Exercises For Home Workout

Best Exercises For Home Workout



Lunges are comparatively an easy yet effective exercise that anyone can follow. The training targets the hamstring and the glutes muscle for more robust and flexible movement. This exercise is to be done in the following manner-

  • Stand with your feet being shoulder-width apart and arms on the side of your waist
  • Take the step forward with your right foot while keeping your spine and head straight while your arms still sticking to your waist
  • Extend your right leg till the thigh gets parallel to the ground
  • Push your right foot up, get back to your initial position, and do the same with your left foot


Push-ups are the most preferred basics for beginners as well as experienced individuals. Push-ups target your chest and arms muscles that help you shape your upper body better and have more upper body strength. 

This exercise is done in the following way:

  • Start with laying down in the plank position with your core tight, shoulders down, and head in the neutral position.
  • Slowly begin lowering your whole body towards the ground without moving your back upwards.
  • Make sure to keep your elbows closer to your chest for better results.


Stressful yet effective. Squats improve the lower body’s strength and flexibility. Since they work with some of the most prominent muscle groups, they also punch significant calories. This exercise is done in the following way-

  • Stand straight with your feet slightly apart as your shoulder’s width with your hands in the namaste pose
  • Similar to sitting on a chair, push your hips back and bend your knees
  • Ensure you are doing this exercise right by avoiding your knees from bowing inwards or outwards while dropping parallel to the floor
  • Don’t use momentum to get down; instead, use muscle force



Plank is a core exercise; it is the most incredible rock-hard abs exercise. An easy practice for beginners to improve their shoulders, arms, and back. This exercise has many modifications that one can perform. But we will start with the basic one.

This exercise is done in the following way-

  • Lay down with your elbows bent in the L shape forming 90 degrees with the ground
  • Slowly get up with your back straight, core tight, and your body being in a single line
  • Keep control of your breath and squeeze your tummy in for better results
  • Hold the position long enough where you can maintain the posture for this exercise





Although hated by many, burpees are the best-proven exercise for losing weight and strengthening your muscles. It provides the best kick and works your cardiovascular endurance. 

This exercise is done in the following ways-

  • Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your hands naturally on your sides
  • With your hands going in the namaste position, squat down, and when your hands reach the floor, extend your legs
  • While getting up from the prior work, jump explosively, making your hands reach as far as possible in the air