If You Only Have Ten Minutes to Spare each Day, these 5 Simple Makeup Looks are for You!

Published on 05/11/2020

Our busy working schedules, family commitments, and bustling social lives all drain our free time greatly. Whether you are a working mother or have just started your internship at a marketing firm, you will need to get your morning routine done and dusted very quickly, all while still looking fabulous.
These five quick and simple makeup looks will have you glowing in no time, ready to take on the day while still having time to make breakfast!

If You Only Have Ten Minutes To Spare Each Day These 5 Simple Makeup Looks Are For You

If You Only Have Ten Minutes To Spare Each Day These 5 Simple Makeup Looks Are For You

Look Number One: Makeup without Makeup

It sounds like an oxymoron, but this new trend is one of the most natural ways to get your face on in no time at all. Back in the day, makeup routines involved all manner of over-the-top applications which took hours to perfect. Today, we are blessed with a beauty standard that accepts and nurtures our natural beauty. Just be yourself, at work, and in the bathroom!

Look Number Two: The Casual Cat Eye

When work ends for the week, you had best believe that it’s party time! Just please don’t go for the cliché winged look. Big brands have started releasing stencils that are designed on a whole new level, which will shape an immaculate cat-eye look for you in no time.

Look Number Two The Casual Cat Eye

Look Number Two The Casual Cat Eye

Look Number Three: A Vibrant Shine

Walking out of your home with a vibrant glow to your skin is nowhere near as complicated as many online tutorials and influential makeup artists make it seem. You really do not need to invest in a complex eye arsenal or spend a long time perfecting the strobing technique.

Look Number Four: For the Metallic Fans

2020 is without a doubt the year that the metallic look really comes to life. You’ve probably seen quite a few metallic makeup tutorials out there, which bring sparkling tones to your routine. Grab your preferred metallic eye shadow and apply it to the eyelids with a single mood. This look is perfect for those who want the focus to be on their eyes, allowing you to simplify the rest of your face’s work.

Look Number Five: Shiny Eye Lids and Lips

This is another look that is massively popular today, with so many models and influencers punting it to their countless followers and fans. You can easily bring a glossy appearance to life in your bathroom without a professional makeup artist at hand. You are more than likely going to be sticking to this look for a good few weeks!

Look Number Six – Vibrant Eyeliner

If you are looking to bring some diversity to your otherwise tired-feeling makeup routine, look no further than introducing some darker toned eyeliner flavors for more vibrancy. This is the perfect way to join in with new makeup trends without having to waste any more time (or money). We really are blessed with a diverse eyeliner palette. You do not need to follow what the cool kids are doing, bring out your own personal flair!