10 Fun Mason Jar Crafts For Your Home

Published on 08/26/2020

You see those plain, old mason jars lying around in your home? They are begging for a makeover! They can do much more than just preserve your pickles or hold your drinks. They have the potential to be transformed into useful storage places. So spice up your mason jar game with some of the ideas listed below.

10 Fun Mason Jar Crafts For Your Home

10 Fun Mason Jar Crafts For Your Home


Pots For Plants

Brighten up your place with some small plants and succulents that do not require much care but can live in a small pot like a mason jar. Add this to your desk to make your place more creative.

Pencil Holder

The best way to organize your desk is to have a pencil holder. If you don’t have one, any bottle or box would do. You can decorate your mason jar or spray paint it and add it to your workspace to reduce clutter.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

For small mason jars, fill them up with salt and pepper and make a few holes on the lids. This way you will never have to fear of spilling too much salt into anything ever again.


This is the easiest and the most common hack of all. It still works like a charm every time you have to throw a party at your place. Just string a few fairy lights along come walls and mason jars filled with candles or lights on the other walls. It almost makes the room look magical and it is a nice way to spend a birthday.

Storage System For Toiletries

Your children can never have any excuse to clutter the bathroom with a mason jar toothbrush holder. If you remove or apply makeup in front of the bathroom mirror, you can store tips and cotton in a mason jar and keep it on the counter for easy access. You can also have all the small makeup products in one jar.

Storage System For Toiletries

Storage System For Toiletries

Cutlery Holder

Planning a picnic or camping out? Carry all your cutleries in a mason jar for easy access and to stay organized.

Piggybank / Swear Jar

Saving up for an expensive gadget or a trip? Write your goal and stick it on your mason jar. Put that jar where it is visible to you in your room and keep adding some money every day. Stick pictures of your goal on the jar for added effect. You can also convert a mason jar into a swear jar for your kids (or adults).

Tissue Dispenser

Cut up the jar lid and paint the jar so that you can have a cute tissue dispenser on your table. You will need this during your favorite movies.

Sewing Kit

Store your sewing essentials in a mason jar and carry it with you on tips for emergencies. You can stick a pincushion to the inside of your lid to stick your pins into. If you have a large collection of threads or yarns, you can store them in mason jars and arrange these jars on your shelves by color. You can also make a hole in your lid and pass a thread or yarn through it. This will make it very easy to sew, knit, or crochet.

Soap Dispenser / Sanitizer Bottle

This is the best and the most useful hack that you should use in this COVID-19 pandemic. Full up your mason jar with soap or sanitizer. Add a pump lid with a straw to the bottom. Viola! You have your DIY soap dispenser or sanitizer jar. Keep the sanitizer near the door so everyone coming in can use it before touching anything in your house.