What To Wear And What to Toss This Summer

Published on 11/16/2020

Casual Summer Outfits for Women

There are certain combinations that you can pair without even thinking about it. So when you are in a hurry just go for the following combos –
1. A plain dark-colored t-shirt with denim shorts. Wear flats to add on to the casual look
2. Plain top with cut-off jeans and sneakers
3. Tube top with a skirt and platform heels
4. Knee-length dress and sandals are the most comfortable summer look
5. Printed top with a plain midi skirt
6. Light-colored crop top pairs really well with printed skirts
7 Give high-waisted trousers a try. Pair them up with crop tops or knit tops
8. Go all white with a white top, white jeans, and white slippers. Add a white bag or a white hat to complete the look
9. Wear more off-shoulder and one-shoulder tops this summer with jeans and flats
10. Get a wide dress specifically for this summer and wear it with slippers

What To Wear And What To Toss This Summer

What To Wear And What To Toss This Summer

Outfits To Toss Out For The Summer

There are outfits that you should not be wearing not just because it’s not fashionable but because of the summer heat. Pack up the following outfits and keep them aside until the summer is over.
1. The first thing to remove from your summer wardrobe would be anything made of leather – jackets, jeans, etc.
2. Put those cute skinny jeans aside for the summer because they are not very breathable and they stick to your body too much in summer
3. Clothes made of velvet are reserved for the winter
4. Check your transparent and semi-transparent clothing in daylight before leaving the houses. Chances are that they look less fancy since your underwear can be seen
5. Do not wear synthetic blouses in the heat. Wear clothes made of breathable material like cotton
6. It goes without saying that you should never wear anything made out of fur or wool in the summer
7. Ditch the pumps for the summer. The swelling and sweat aren’t worth the trouble. Stick to sandals and open-toed heels
8. Put the turtle-necks and mock-necks in the winter drawer.
9. Try not to wear black-colored clothes or full-sleeves. If you have blacktops in full-sleeves, you must definitely toss it away for the summer.
10. Put all your heavy coats away as well

Although it is very hot in summer, try not to wear sweatsuits and just a sports bra outside the house.

Men,What To Wear This Summer

1. Light-colored shirts with light-colored shorts should be your go-to look for the summer
2. Instead of dressing in a white shirt and black trousers with black blazers for formal occasions, go all white
3. Throw out the clothes made with synthetic materials and only wear outfits made by breathable material like cotton and linen
4. Invest in a lot of plain t-shirts and polos to pair up with light-blue jeans
5. Opt to wear chinos more instead of jeans. The material is lighter and more comfortable for casual occasions
6. Buy some ankle-length socks to go with your shoes
7. Make friends with pants because the material is so much lighter than jeans

What To Throw Out For The Summer

1. Woollen suits, that goes without saying
2. Pack up your heavy coats and black blazers
3. Summer is not the time to rock your 3-piece suits. Go for a dress shirt and trousers for formal occasions
4. Full-sleeves shirts are a huge no-no. You will be sweating the whole day long in that. Choose your short-sleeved shirts instead
5. Pack away all your black-colored outfits to make space for your light-colored summer wardrobe

Men What To Wear This Summer

Men What To Wear This Summer