For the First Time Cooks: Some Simple Recipes for the Aspiring Chef

Published on 03/18/2020

It is never too late to step into the kitchen and learn how to feed yourself better than ever before. You do not need to go for expensive courses or spend hours watching videos on YouTube. All that it takes is a bit of reading, some faith in yourself, and maybe a willing stomach or two for the feedback! You will see just how easy cooking is.

For The First Time Cooks Some Simple Recipes For The Aspiring Chef

For The First Time Cooks Some Simple Recipes For The Aspiring Chef

1. Oatmeal Magic

Let’s start with the absolute easiest recipe out there: oatmeal. You couldn’t find a simpler recipe. All that it takes is a combination of milk, salt, cinnamon, water and of course, oats, all chucked in a saucepan together. Now, let your saucepan come to a boil, before lowering the heat.
Next, we want to let this mixture simmer for up to five minutes while it thickens, making sure to stir frequently. Then, take it off the heat and allow it all to cool. That is all there is to it!

2. Pasta Perfect

Pasta is another super simple meal that takes no time at all to prepare. The pasta itself just needs to boil in a pot with plenty of water and salt. Keep stirring the pasta and cook it to your desired softness! Try going for a microwavable pasta sauce for instant Italian goodness.

3. Nachos Night

This is the perfect meal for a party or just a lazy night in with some great movies. Line an oven pan or dish with nacho chips, grate some cheese on top and then go wild with the toppings! You will need to fry up some mince, but other items like jalapenos, sweetcorn, and other kinds of peppers can be easily added to the oven nachos.

4. Bellissima Bruschetta

What could be quicker than some toasted bread with a sensational tomato mixture on top? All that you need are some freshly chopped tomatoes, diced and mixed with red chili flakes, vinegar, salt, and basil. Now, let’s toast the bread! It’s all up to your taste, but between ten and fifteen minutes in the oven on a medium heat generally does the trick.

5. Hungry Person Breakfast Burritos

This Mexican twist on the usual bacon and eggs is only for the seriously hungry. While you could just fold your morning bacon and eggs up in a tortilla wrap, where is the fun in that? Add in some gouda or pepper jack cheese, fry up some potatoes in with your bacon and make sure to only season your eggs just before frying. Finally, wrap up all your mouthwatering goodies in a warm tortilla. Voila!

Hungry Person Breakfast Burritos

Hungry Person Breakfast Burritos

6. Fantastic Flatbread Pizza

If you don’t have the time to make normal pizza, the flatbread version is quicker to prepare and just as delicious. Simply make your standard pizza dough by mixing flour, bicarb powder, baking powder, and salt. Once your dough is complete, knead for around five minutes. You can then pop your dough straight into the oven for ten minutes before decorating it with cheese, a tomato and onion blend, and whatever else your heart desires. Now, put the beautiful flatbread back into the oven for another fifteen minutes.